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 The most powerfull tool for MSN updated to v3.82
ViperBot has been updated to work with msn chat 4.2.
Viper Bot 3.82 Full
Viper 3.82 exe


 IRC Dominator has been updated to work with chat 4.2
AG has released an updated release to allow IRC Dominator to connect to the new msn chat 4.2
IRC Dominator Full


 Chronos Protector  Chatroom Keeper.
The most powerful chatroom protector out. Now version 1.2
Chronos Protector 1.2


 ZiggyNet Team has released a new program.
Silent Executioner has been released.You must have windows installer 2 or higher to use.
Silent Executioner 2.5
June 5th Patch 2.5

 Need a Passport Cookie Grabber?
Cookie grabbers are used to get your passport information to allow you to use you bot/script with a passport. Here are a few to choose from.

Cookie Grabber v2.1
by Syam
General PassGrab 3.8
by _bathroom_
GetCookies v4.11
by Dynamic Sysop


 Alex Dawson has released a update to ThunderShock to work with MSN Chat 4.2
AD's newest release of ThunderShock  works with chat 4.2. Now able to change the class id if msn updates.
ThunderShock 1.7.5

  Need a quick way to get your room pass in the registry?
Use the fast and easy host key finder to get your pass code in your registry.
Host Key Finder

 Scripts not connecting after 4.2 update
You need to replace your old guest and passport exploits. Download the new exploit files.


 MSN Connection OCX
Lets programmers connect without worrying about the exploit, ocx does all the work. unzip the file, register the ocx and try the sample demo... demo just shows u how to connect and send messages. Made by Chuck
Chuck's Connection Ocx

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Admin007  Scripting and Design Support
Chameleon  Tutorials and Tech Support
Silent Death  Programming and Tech Support
Vixen Wyld Flame  Graphics and Design Support
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 Today's News
JJ Armstrong has released a new exe only update
Viper 3.82 exe
MSN Constrictor Bot by Dyanmic Sysop has been released
Full Setup
J Armstrong has released a new version of Viper. Version 3.82.
Viper 3.82 Full 6.10.2002
mCl0on3 released XP Team Bot v1.0 non beta version 6.9.2002
MSN chat updated to 4.2
Msn has launched a new version in hopes of foiling bot operators
Viper Bot updated to work with chat 4.2

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Popular Downloads

Viper Bot 3.82 Full.
The latest from this outstanding Program.
Viper Bot 3.8 exe
the latest exe from Viper. This works with 4.2. Just replace the old exe in your viper folder to make it work.
DataBase Editor
The latest DataBase editor for viper bot allows you to edit viper's profanity warn/kick list and much more.
Chronos Protector
Tellinusis's latest release of the best room protector there is.
ThunderShock 1.7.5
Alex Dawson's most recent release. Very easy to use. Ideal for new users.
IRC Dominator Full
Get AG;s MSN Chat program here. One of the classics and still one of the best. Needs the new exe to work with 4.2
IRC Dominator exe
The latest exe file for this popular program. Now works with chat 4.2
MSN Constrictor Bot by Dyanmic Sysop has been released
Full Setup

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Last Updated: Saturday, June 15, 2002 - 12:16 p.m. Central Time

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