04.15.02~~~ AG has released another fix for Irc Dominator. Version 1.4.11.  Get it here in the download section ~~~~Tellinusis has issued a update for chronos protector~newest version is ~~~









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Welcome to TechGear a subdivision of  err0r & Daddy Darkson Inc. We provide a site full of valuable information on MSN and computer related topics. We  offer the latest in MSN program downloads and breaking MSN news. TechGear's goal is to set the standard for which all MSN related web sites strive to achieve. Having said this we do not intend to try to discredit other related sites. TechGEar is a MSN Program Site Network member. This means that all sites are welcome to be affiliates and are welcome to add any program they find here to their own site. We don't require any credit for it but it would be nice to be acknowledged for our efforts. In addition to MSN related items we offer a wide variety of other topics and information. We also provide Free Design help and images. These range from custom made gifs, jpg, site design, flash, and more. We hope you enjoy the services we provide and please check back often because this site is updated on a regular basis.

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~ TechGear News ~

Added more messenger bots, updated the scripts section and added a Mode Definitions list in Information section.

04/12/2002 Added IRC Dominator's latest release
04/03/2002 Added Chronos Protector by Tellinusis and Loopy2002 by TechGear's own DaddyDarkson
04/01/2002 Added the updated SyamBot v2.1
03/20/2002 Added two Chat programs ~Dystopia and Eternal Client. Thanks to www.klownbotz.vze.com
03/09/2002 Added more viper help guides under information section
03/02/2002 New Viper 3.80 Update Here. Get it on mirror 2, 3, and 4 under chat bots in the download section.
02/24/2002 Most of the site is operational
02/16/2002 Download section is functional
02/14/2002 Inception of TechGear. Started by err0r and DaddyDarkson the makers of the err0r.vze.com and BotCollectorsX sites.

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