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Sparkpea Connection

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This doesn't have any of my usual err0r handling ... no homo... but it will connect you and strip the font code. Use err0r's room lister.

;Stupid basic socketless connection for SPCN
;Based off of Winz Simple connection snippet. http://www.tg007.net/file-1733
on *:start:{
if (%nick) && (%login) && (%password) server 7778
if (!%login) {
if ($input(Sparkpea $crlf $crlf Enter Your Nickname,e,$v_)) set %nick $ifmatch
else goto err_
if ($input(Sparkpea $crlf $crlf Enter Your Email Address,e,$v_)) set %login $ifmatch
else goto err_
if (%login) && ($input(Sparkpea.net $crlf $crlf Enter Your Password,p,$v_)) set %password $md5($ifmatch)
else goto err_
if (%login) && (%password) { server 7778 }
echo -s Error - Insufficient Parameters
on ^*:LOGON:*:{
user %nick IRCwx %login d00bie
loginh %login %password
on ^*:text:*:#:{
;remember Tewl? He made this regsub code years ago
var %val, %xfont = $regsub($replace($1-,[br],$chr(160), ,$chr(160)),/\[(/)?style([^\]]+)?\]/gi,$null,%val)
echo # $+([,$asctime(hh:nn:ss),]) $+(<,$nick,>) $utfdecode(%val,0)
menu channel,status {
$iif($network = sparkpea,Disconnect,Connect):$iif($network = sparkpea,Disconnect,server 7778)

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