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Ircx New Chat Server

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I have just modded my chat sever to do a normal connection with unicode nicks,room names and topics.

Will handle 90 % of unicde nick names you can throw at it up to 100 chars

That's right no connection script and just like old MSN.

Before you had to put a ' in front of your nick to access the unicode but it was confusing people.

Also php bots and Irssi bots had trouble with the pure ircx.

Yes Irssi bots have tried to mass nick crash this server but it now has protections in place.

It will handle 10,000 online, not that you will get that many now days.

I have been coding chat sites for over a decade now and finally got to where I want to be.

Connection scripts on other sites makes it sometimes difficult for old school coders and the dreaded ocx download which works only in one browser.

The future is here if chat has one lol.

Any chat client should work but I use lightIRC with cams. MIRC works fine.

Feel free to test it out no /auth needed, server protections in place.



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Thank you Error.

You did say lets see what he comes up with after the heated posts with Johnson.

I relentlessly worked hard to come up with this chat server to work across all platforms.

Irssi bots and php bots can connect and do unicode. Tested!

Connecting to server is slow due to protections of multi Nick flooding bots.

One nick every 10 second is set to join rooms and default max 50 per room server set.

Also Chrome on W 10 wont show all chars, Firefox is best or IE. I guess Chrome will pick there act up.

W 7 Chrome works fine.

Still testing but awesome results so far...

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