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Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

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For laptop sake, I use Windows 7 Ultimate and will have to wait for 8 to be released to add my opinion on it! For cellphones, I have an HTC MyTouch 4G Slide Android which Id probably own an iPhone but the iPhone lacks a slide out keyboard which I like on my cellphone!! Edited by d33j4y

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after mass tweaking and changing things to what I like, its not so bad.. tho I should not need to hack the os to get it to a useable state, being that said if it keeps stable with the tweaks I put in place then I may grow to like it some what...


the fact its still exploitable to all the old hacks bugs me, you would think Microsoft would fix these by now...

the boxy feel still bugs me a lot

the right menu really makes it a pain to close programs in full screen

adding the start orb back makes the start menu a lil less annoying tho I would like to see a classic menu option

the new task manger is nice I will say that has to be the best they have done far...


For those that are not in to the whole windows 7 phone os style then this os is not worth your time as the gui is pretty much based off it


I will post more as I play with it more..

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