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Found 1 result

  1. Jess

    Dcx Web Control Webchat

    So pretty much I been toying with the web control I am just stuck with the java script on how to add new lines with new text Tried a few ideas, but I am sure there is a better way then storing all the text to a .txt and loading it all on new txt each time. least I hope so any help would be great this is the alias I am using atm to write the text (working on it on chatcore) alias d.write { var %w web. $+ $1 var %time $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style='font-family:Calibri; color:grey;'>,$timestamp ,</span>) var %oplvl $str($chr(160),2) $img.path($ulvl($1,$2)) var %nick $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style='font-family:Calibri; color:#073983;'> ,$2,:</span>) if ($regex($3-, /^.*##\*#(.*)#(.*)~(.)~(.)#\*##(.*)/)) { var %f $regml(1) var %c $regml(2) var %b $iif($regml(3),<b>) var %i $iif($regml(4),<i>) var %m $regml(5) } var %msg $+(<span style='font-family: $iif(%f,%f,Calibri) ; color: $iif(%c,%c,Black) ;'>,%b,%i,$emote($iif(%m,%m,$3-)),$iif(%b,</b>),$iif(%i,</i>),</span>) write $+($chan,.txt) %time %oplvl %nick %msg var %z 1, %d $lines($chan $+ .txt) xdid -j %w 3 document.open(); while (%z <= %d) { xdid -j %w 3 document.write(" $read($chan $+ .txt,%z) <br>"); inc %z } xdid -j %w 3 document.close(); }