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  1. TroN-0074

    The Dj Has Not Left The Building Lol!!!

    Yo! Wud up?
  2. TroN-0074

    Christmas Song

    Good ones but not the one I was talking about. Thank you and Mary cris mess!
  3. TroN-0074

    Christmas Song

    I remember like four or five years ago there was a funny Christmas song posted on the home page of TG007. I think it was a rap song I would like to hear it again if possible. I remember it being like really funny. Happy holiday!
  4. TroN-0074

    Irc Clients

    Is there anything on linux? I mean I client that will connect in an IRC server?
  5. TroN-0074

    Buzzen Connections

    They don't like scripts in the buzzen server, I have been baned from several rooms just because I get there with mIRC without even saying a word. Is not that I care about it, since I am not a big fan of chats anymore. just looking for something to do. Good luck to you.
  6. TroN-0074

    Buzzen Connections

    You can try to get just the file connection marachino or something like that I think is called, and put it on a regular plain copy of mIRC then you can start coding for it as you like. Because the invisible script you have, had been done for a different network its current coding wont work in buzzen. so there is your chance to have fun making your new own script. Good luck to you.
  7. TroN-0074

    IRCX/IRCXPRO Screen shots

    What if the user has a little bit of both genders
  8. TroN-0074

    ircx commands

    I think is hard try to help to someone without taking a server as example. Some people might consider that spam. But what else can be done. ???
  9. TroN-0074

    Just Curious

    No arguements about that. But yes All IRC server no matter "X" or "d" Or wathever they are, they do have the the same modes unless they get set up differently.
  10. TroN-0074

    Just Curious

    I thought he was talking about Chanmodes. As far as I know noone here is a MSN staff member to be talking about their Usermodes with us.
  11. TroN-0074

    Just Curious

    Some of these modes that Webagent had posted here mean something different at the MSN chat rooms though. Or a least I don't know but as example +i means invited only at MSN chat room. +h means hidden +s turn the room secret +t anyone can change the topic +w no whispers + etc, etc, etc. So I don't really know how to set these other modes. Or are they for admin only ???
  12. TroN-0074


    Only scripts (mIRC program) Work for IRC servers. Bots are programs made for a particular chatnetwork such as AOL and Yahoo and others. Although bots made for those chats are pretty much created just to annoying other chatter with porno spaming, and other advertising while they are in the room. Scripts (mIRC programs) are a good tool for hosting a room since they can manipulate the server with others commands that aren't include on the regular web chat. People whom made bots for MSN chat always include these commands in their creation providing the tools that come in mIRC so they also can manipulate the server at MSN chat. However the conection files in bots for MSN are good only for MSN. Some of popular bot for MSN are. ViperBot, IRCDominator, Shadow FX, and others. Some of popular Script for MSN are. Hybrid Omega, Kenobi script, Guarddog Script, and others. If you like to try and make your own script I would suggest you to get a plain version of mIRC and a connection file, Vincula is the most popular maybe. If you like to try and make your own bot start learning some programing maybe and keep playing around. Or if you like just get one of those already made the most that you like and have fun with it.
  13. TroN-0074


    I remember on the old TCN site there was a list of the IRCD modes I don't know if you guys can post them along here again. I know servers are set up differently and some commands aren't the same. but the majority of them are still the same on every server. So I would like if you post them here just for academic pourpose. I will apreciate it. Thanks
  14. TroN-0074


    Thanks Maria. The thing is that I would prefer some server that you people can recomend. I know you guys will recomend the best or some noob friendly servers. Or server that probably you have been in.
  15. TroN-0074


    Hey I was wondering if someone have a list of just IRC Servers. I mean something different from MSN to chat once in a while is good to visit something different.