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  1. Eyecu

    Connection Trouble

    Buzz_IRCwxSrvPanter01 - then ask me to auth/register yourself/join a chatroom or you will be disconnected <---that message doesn't mean you failed to login. it does that if you don't join a room. it will do that three times before disconnecting you.
  2. Eyecu

    Do You Think

    lol god i remember so much of that time frame, nuke platinum, cznuke, nuke evolution etc etc etc etc, so maybe ppl took nuke and made their own package of it, it wasn't even funny
  3. Eyecu

    Do You Think

    lol @ php nuke
  4. Eyecu

    Do You Think

    I wasn't able to get spartan to work with the ocx but i admit i didn't play with it all that much as i don't use webchat all that much and dont use any that are the old ocx
  5. Eyecu

    Do You Think

    Haven't tried any of the ocx chats but i've tested spartan on buzzen and it runs fine no issues what so ever. I will test it on an ocx chat at some point this week and see what it's like or if it will even run the ocx.
  6. Eyecu

    What Is 2.106.4?

    That would be the server version. In that case I believe it is OfficeIRC (IRCxpro)
  7. Eyecu


    I would love to get a copy of all the paperirc versions to add to chains website. Only one i have left is hex server 2.1 lol
  8. Eyecu

    Has Chat Really Died

    All depends services are pretty much a personal preference and really now adays depends on what you want the services to do, do you want them to integrate nickserv with your sites database, then anope over atheme. Atheme does have some advantages over anope and vice versa. Myself i've personally used anope for years and trust it and wont switch from it.
  9. Eyecu

    Has Chat Really Died

    Over the year I've run servers both from home and hosted, By far hosted servers are well worth the money (next to staminus and azure) lol. Residential connections just are not stable enough for irc servers to be run from. Back the first time I had a hosted server i was paying over 200 a month for it. Now you can get a server with 20x the power for 1/4 of the price.
  10. Eyecu

    Wanted To Know About Chat Servers

    Using flash I would suggestion inspircd and lightirc. you can find them at the following http://www.inspircd.org http://www.lightirc.com As for setting them up alot would depend on the environment you looking at. Are you wanting to host the ircd on your home connection, or get hosting for it. Linux vs Windows is also needed to know to better help you. As for lightirc it's pretty straight forward to install on your website host and its pretty well documented for the basic setup.
  11. Eyecu

    Ircd Hosting

    Depends on what exactly your looking for. Linode is a very good provider of vps's that work well for ircd hosting, I've used them in the past myself and not one issue with them. Really depends on what your requirements are as to what you need though. If you looking to setup a couple ircd's i would go with vps's you get more for your dollar that way. If you only looking to setup 1 server/services either a vps or dedicated is good. Dedicated hosting for ircd your going to pay extra for though as most datacenters don't allow irc as the inherit risk of ddos attacks against irc networks are greater. linode.com (vps) budgetvm.com (vps) ovh.com/ca (dedicated) need to register your irc with them though. quadranet.com (dedicated)
  12. Eyecu

    Phoenix Chat

    You can download the script on chains site or it is in the download system on phoenix chat, but i believe you have to be logged in: http://www.phoenixchat.net/modules/wfdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=2&lid=14
  13. Eyecu

    Phoenix Chat

    Looking good (Y) keep it up
  14. Eyecu

    Phoenix Chat

    lmfao im not old i suffer from youngheimers tyvm
  15. Eyecu

    Phoenix Chat

    dj you dj...well shit since when dude. I swear no one tells me anything anymore