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    I've been out of scripting for a long time and getting back into it. I enjoy working with computers, camping, going to the beach and hanging out with my friends and family.
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  1. Winz

    Anyone Get It?

    ROFL Man, I was hoping for a bit more love on that!! But you're right... Just too redundant for me lol 👍
  2. Winz

    Anyone Get It?

    Can someone please explain this? The definition of a hard drive is a disk drive containing a hard disk? ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!? LOL
  3. Winz

    Sparkpea staff & chatters

    Thank you Chain! That means a lot coming from a name I've only heard of on MSN and during the chat server chase and up until just recently, have finally met! Sparkpea has come a long way, it is slowly but steadily growing with both old and new chatters and I, along with many others are both excited and happy to have you back! We hope Sparkpea will continue to serve the chat community for a long time, there are a lot of good people there and I couldn't have found a happier place to serve everyone as a member of staff. I'm excited to have finally met you as I was Paige, Roo, and err0r (to name a few in the scripters world) and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay at Sparkpea! See you around 👍
  4. Winz

    Uploading Files

    err0r. If we upload an update file, do we need to re-fill out the submission form or can we just include the file, update version and tick the box Update of file already submitted? Just wondering because I'm too lazy to re-fill it all out again lol Thanks Bud!
  5. Winz

    MSN rooms?

    You might be able to find something in the MSN Archives here, other than that, not that I know of. Sorry Alex.
  6. Winz


    GUN v1.5 has been released! GUN now includes its own channel access list, a user count and a couple of bug fixes. I hope everyone enjoys using GUN! Feel free to make your scripts around it.
  7. Winz


    Found an issue when more than 50 nicknames are in a channel where the names don't load correctly. The file attached here has been updated for GUN to load the nicklist when there are more than 50 nicknames in a room. Thank you danger for the clones! I will upload another version of GUN at a later date, the current version still loads channels with fewer than 25 nicknames properly. Those of you who play with cloners will want the attached file. GUNicklist.mrc
  8. Winz


    Thanks err0r! This is a fun project.. Have a new update, no nick commands right now, just working on the nicklist stability right now... Mind if I upload the .mrc file here for now?
  9. Winz


    So Paige gave me a ton of ideas... I'm going to start working on them now. If anyone has ideas, please post them here. Thanks!
  10. Winz


    This morning before GUN was approved, I went a head and added some code to help prevent this to help clean it up a bit. So the version you download should be cleaner.
  11. Winz


    Hi all! I have released a beta version of what I am calling GUN, "Graphical User Nicklist", for mIRC. I want to utilize this forum to discuss issues, suggestions, and provide ways to make GUN as good, if not better, as its predecessors such as Nicklust and Nicklist dialogs. What I think stands out the most between GUN and the others is that it is %100 written in mIRC's default dialog code. Starting out, you will probably see a lot of errors on the status page, dialog might close unexpectedly and some other minor issues. It has been tested with mass joins and parts and even mass nick mode changes. However, I would like it to be tested by varying users under different conditions to try and spot other bugs, improve runtime/resources. I do not expect this to take over mIRC's default nicklist, this is mostly for those who like to chat in mIRC and like seeing graphics representing each users ops status. I have only tested it in KISS, the script I made for SPCN. I do not foresee any adverse effects from other scripts, but that is why I'm hoping more people will get involved in this project. I ask, while participating with GUN in the Beta stage that NO ONE change the code. If you have suggestions for code changes or improvements, please post them here and I will change the file to test it. If it is sound, your name along with your addition will be included in the file as well..
  12. Winz

    Code Request

    No problem! Please let me know if you need something else!
  13. Winz

    Code Request

    To send onscreen NOTICE to user - on *:JOIN:#: { /raw NOTICE $chan $nick :Time to buy a watch } To send a whisper to user - //raw whisper $chan $nick :Time to buy a watch To send a Time Reply to user - //raw NOTICE %#KISS $nick :�TIME Your message Not sure how to dupe that dot Let me know if you have any questions