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  1. Badass

    Connection Trouble

    Tried Moschino this evening still not getting into a room but at least it connect to the server but won't join rooms
  2. Badass

    Connection Trouble

    I tried a handful of scripts fracture was the last one also tried hybrid, always the same thing
  3. Badass

    Connection Trouble

    It won't sign in at all to get into a room. I even tried joining a room myself then a script and still get the same message. log in failed then the message I posted after that. Could it be an out dated Mirc that's doing? I been trying to get the Ant script but waiting on the owner to approve me
  4. Badass

    Connection Trouble

    Can't get nothing to connect keep getting Buzz_IRCwxSrvPanter01 - then ask me to auth/register yourself/join a chatroom or you will be disconnected