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  1. I have always been a fan of Minecraft, also as a Xbox owner, i always been a fan of Microsoft so my opinion of this, i like it, i just hope Microsoft does not take away from the users @ sony or PC.. One thing i hope happens is microsoft brings mods to the game, i would really enjoy that
  2. The-Savior69

    Two Servers Are Down

  3. The-Savior69

    Has Chat Really Died

    Chat is not dead.. sure social network has done a lot to it.. but the egos that run a network is what kills it..
  4. The-Savior69

    The Dj Has Not Left The Building Lol!!!

    SUP BRUH, i need one more post then can do what i am here to do. Which is talk to err0r
  5. The-Savior69

    Has Chat Really Died

    eh? chat isn't dead.. the question is did egos die?
  6. The-Savior69

    Windows 8

    old post but i thought i reply.. i prefer Windows 7 better.. i just don't like the interface with windows 8.. sure it resembles the xbox.. but eww on a computer.
  7. The-Savior69

    Sony Playstation 4 Vs. Microsoft's Xbox One

    i always loved the retro stuff on PlayStation, but i am a Xbox fan, so i go with Xbox as i own over 300 games for the 360, and i own about 100 games on original, have not been able to afford xbone yet.. but i will in time.