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  1. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    Cool Error, as I said before I didn't know if it had been done before. We have just re coded the old trivia arena bots V50.7 for teams only and 50.8 dedicated. If the download is out there we wont bother coding any further with this on a standard edition.
  2. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    Thank you Koach for letting me test it on your server and your kind words. I think Petertje would be happy it's re coded to work in pure IRC. It's running 24/7 on my site.
  3. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    Thanks will look at it... was being lazy as my server has a user mode to do it for bots even eggdrops. Edit: Found a lazy way lol. In Mirc options/IRC then messages (strip codes from incoming messages) Works a treat now on Koach's server!
  4. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    I'm now testing it on Koach's server he runs unreal 4, works a charm. Only thing with unreal you have to play in noob font but tested good.
  5. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    With Sabrina's color coding skills and my limited skills lol we are over the moon to code this to what is. Some one come into the site and said, Pk thinks he can change the source code to Officeirc loool Heads up mate I am under a legal contract with officeIRC and own the source code. So lets let that rest here. Above all we are happy to show what we are doing and lets keep chat alive.
  6. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    Battle of the sexes bot is done with a bonus sex trivia question every 15 questions just for laughs. Re coding Petertje's and FireHorse's coding was a challenge to say the least and then convert it to IRC. All done and works so well on the new chat server. All credit to the guys above. We are just happy to bring it from OCX to IRC.
  7. Pk_

    Super Trivia 5

    I don't know if this has been done yet but we have re coded Petertje's ST5 for IRC. It was originally coded for OCX chats and is loved by all. ATM I have a 50 question shootout game going every 30 mins. It was one of the Trivia Arena bots I use to host. Working now on the battle of the sexes bot which was allot of fun. For this to work we found the bot had to be mode +R on my server to strip all colors and fonts from inbound messages. Or use Noob font lol. The bot picks up the Unicode nicks beautifully and we are very happy with it so far. After further testing Sabrina and I may release a working copy that should work on unreal and inspirc.
  8. Pk_

    Ircx New Chat Server

    Thank you Error. You did say lets see what he comes up with after the heated posts with Johnson. I relentlessly worked hard to come up with this chat server to work across all platforms. Irssi bots and php bots can connect and do unicode. Tested! Connecting to server is slow due to protections of multi Nick flooding bots. One nick every 10 second is set to join rooms and default max 50 per room server set. Also Chrome on W 10 wont show all chars, Firefox is best or IE. I guess Chrome will pick there act up. W 7 Chrome works fine. Still testing but awesome results so far...
  9. Pk_

    Ircx New Chat Server

    I have just modded my chat sever to do a normal connection with unicode nicks,room names and topics. Will handle 90 % of unicde nick names you can throw at it up to 100 chars That's right no connection script and just like old MSN. Before you had to put a ' in front of your nick to access the unicode but it was confusing people. Also php bots and Irssi bots had trouble with the pure ircx. Yes Irssi bots have tried to mass nick crash this server but it now has protections in place. It will handle 10,000 online, not that you will get that many now days. I have been coding chat sites for over a decade now and finally got to where I want to be. Connection scripts on other sites makes it sometimes difficult for old school coders and the dreaded ocx download which works only in one browser. The future is here if chat has one lol. Any chat client should work but I use lightIRC with cams. MIRC works fine. Feel free to test it out no /auth needed, server protections in place. www.chatzinc.com cheers
  10. Pk_

    Radio Bot

    Found this top radio script on Hawkee and wanted to share. Note it does need some editing to your tastes and uses. It has back end channel access for DJ's and admins to login (channel secret or hidden for DJ's) /msg bot authorize pass I have coded it so DJ's can set any room to start doing there show in with a greet message. Also a part message when the DJ has finished there show. It also has a main channel setting with help messages to all levels (Admin, Dj's and users) This script is fast on picking up the new song and posting in rooms. It does need access to your radio server. Admin user and pass, not tried it yet but i would hope it would pick up the feeds without it for single chatrooms. I have it running on my site on a server and it's very fast. Great for Dj's to login and do there shows. The options of this script is up to your imagination and coding. Download and description: http://hawkee.com/scripts/11648737/ i will do help as there is some tricks in setting it up. Bugs I found, some vars dont write on start etc but easy fixed. Enjoy...
  11. Pk_


    So true Error... For me and a lot of other members, he is the single reason we don't post here any more. His personal attacks and criticism of chat sites has triggered a lot of unfriendly and of topic threads . And yes, he is the biggest poster for help on the site as you say above. We wish you the best of luck. As Error said, Please simply don't come back!
  12. Pk_

    Copy & Paste

    Try killing RDPCLIP.EXE and restarting. Or ... Download GetOpenClipboardWindow.zip from here: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/temp/GetOpenClipboardWindow.zip Unzip and run the tool. For best results, run this utility during the time you encounter the Copy<=>Paste problem.
  13. Pk_

    Not Working

    Try this on *:TEXT:*:?: /splay whisper.wav With no {}
  14. Pk_


    Nice work on your site Groovy. Happy to help with the screen shot. It works a treat, hope your happy with the results of this topic. Cheers