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  1. Groovyaxis2


    PK thanks for the reply, it is frustrating situation mostly due to the fact (i am no expert and am not as good as some) but still i try. the new vir does not come with it correct but i was able to get a patch from them witch i am thankful for. In old virs once you set the path in the config you also needed to set the supporting port access so the server knows to watch for chars on a set port. but as all the documentation is out dated im not sure if that is still a necessity, i have tested a few setups with it and have not had any luck yet. from what i understand if i was on a linux server it wouldn't be much of an issue . i do plan to move the irc to 2 or 3 different servers in time but for now i am limited on funds so make do with what i have.
  2. Groovyaxis2


    err0r you are completely correct, i apologize i did not mean to insinuate the site is self was the problem... that was poor wording on my behalf. But i was not laying any blaim on this site what so ever. My comment directed at the site was merely me making an observation that the site is dead or dieting, due to some of the comments offers by the members here and the attitude of some. Anyway it doesn't matter im over it.
  3. Groovyaxis2


    thanks for the reply Alex, actually it is out dated. i stated the documentation was out dated for the config file... you have just posted the part found in the config file. Where as all the other information found in vitreous places (including there sites) references an old set up that was ran in earlier virs of inspircd. Any how i was able to get a fix.exe in regards to this off a member/developer from them. Although i have not got it working yet i am confidant i have a better chance at it since running the patch. Even setting the correct paths in the config section ( thats the section you posted) it still wont allow the chars (probs something im doing wrong) P.s and i can now see why this site is dead or dieing, you come here looking for help and get spoke to like an idiot
  4. Groovyaxis2


    G'day is there any reader here who has knowledge of inspircd and the m_nationalchars.so module and has 10 minutes to PM me and offer some guidance. I am trying to get some support for unicoded nicks (Yes i am aware of the dangers of such). The documentation for such is fairly straight forward and easy to follow but the problem is the documentation is out dated and some things have been changed since the documentation was written.
  5. Groovyaxis2

    Phreik Chat

    yeah huh. sad really . phreik had a lot going for it. it just couldnt recover from the bad name it picked up over the years i guess. i just wish the software was available to some one so it does not goto waste
  6. Groovyaxis2

    What Do You Think?

    lmao my site uses compleatly different tech to what PK's site does... I also did say i helped him with his site, he was running a bits a site when i come along and converted it to phpfox for him, he was happy with the results and is still using it. I on the other hand got the shits with it and changed. I am using something FAR better than phpfox now and have many updates yet to do. Your right you have to pay your way to get any where. That is why i paid almost $1000 aus for the rights to use the cms unlike some, as well as that i have also switched back to using the ircx i paid almost $1000 for way back when. Yes i am making head way with the chat side of things but if i dont like it i know no one else will Plus the fact the site allows unicode and the chat does not, meaning at the moment people have to change nicks to be able to join chat "how annoying". I am asking for a developer yes but i do not expect somthing for nothing and have maintained that i was always willing to discuss payment. I have spent quit alot on this site already as im sure most of you have on your own, and if all else fails i will look for a solution that could cost me $2000 aus just to get a decent chat. Though i have to admit im not entirely happy with that idea due to the fact id be giving up ircx/ircd all together. You see i am not building a chat site as such but i think my requests fall on deff ears as most "chat site" owners take offence to new "chat sites " opening. Like stated my site is not a chat site as such but i would like to offer chat. It actually saddens me to think that you guys may think i ripped pks site, this is the thanks i get for helping some one out. a bit of food for thought...... I was using phpfox long before PK's site. And Cside Network has been around for a while.. before that it was CsideChat. Before that it was TagFM and so on....
  7. Groovyaxis2

    What Do You Think?

    Just wanted to post a couple of shots to see what every one thought? I am still chasing some irc coders and some one to build/share a decent chat system. I am also seeking active members if any one is interested to join, We are always open to suggestions and i do welcome constructive criticism.
  8. Groovyaxis2

    Do You Think

    Sounds like your in the same boat as me TacticalThunder the only difference is i refuse to run the ocx setup i have now. I'd rather run something under par until i can get something more permanent in place, at least there arnt many connection issues doing it that way . Perhaps we can talk one day and nut out a solution that works for us both. be it a custom made script or something some ones willing to part with , im sure we can come up with something . I'd even be willing to share the cost of a custom build if needs be.. Would be a win win for all
  9. Groovyaxis2

    Newbie Script Request

    For the greet you could do something like #persongreet on on *:START:{ window @SetGreet titlebar @SetGreet SetGreet Recorder echo -a Display All The SetGreet Greetings That Are Set echo -a To Delete A Greet That Has Been Set Hit ALT+R And GoTo The Variables tab } on *:TEXT:*!setgreet*:#: { set %personal.greet $+ $nick $2- echo @SetGreet 9 $+ $fulldate $+ 4 $nick $+ 7 $+ ! $+ 08 $+ $address 9 Greet that was set : 4 $2- msg $nick $nick Your Personal Greet Has Been Set To: $2- } on *:JOIN:#: { if ($nick == $me) halt if (Guest isin $nick) halt if (%personal.greet [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == $null) { msg # (*) $nick Get A Greet! (*) !setgreet (text) (*) } else { msg $chan %personal.greet [ $+ [ $nick ] ] } } #persongreet end and then your members can add there own greet witch will be echoed to a window in the bot so it can be monitored, you could then add a switch to it like.... - Room Stuff .Personal Greets ( $+ %persongreet $+ ) ..On:/enable #persongreet | set %persongreet On | /msg $chan Personal Greetings are now on | /echo 0,12 Personal Greetings 0,94 Loaded ! ..Off:/disable #persongreet | set %persongreet Off | /msg $chan Personal Greetings are now off | /echo 0,12 Personal Greetings 0,4 Unloaded ! .- There are many ways to add in a greet , i hope this helps you add the greet script to remots and add the switch script to the popups channel or menu bar. This has come from a personal script i still use and i have many games added. My switch file is added to remotes so you could do that as well, you could add it like... Menu menubar { - switch to add .personalgreet or so on.
  10. Groovyaxis2

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    So now i am facing a Delmar, My site accepts unicoded nick names for display name, but of cores lightirc does not. Even though lightirc is integrated it does not help as members are having to change there display nicks to join chat. Any suggestions ?? If any one would lik to check out the site, you can find the link in my profile. Or just google Cside Network
  11. Groovyaxis2

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    phreik closed a while back, i am unsure exactly why it closed but i do know that stealth has been busy with other things, mustang as well. im not too sure if it was a mutual agreement to close it but i do know the story was they had some kind of hardware malfunction. Stealth stated that everything was recovered but unclear as to why they chose to keep it closed. I only have stories from some colorful people lol
  12. Groovyaxis2

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    I have emailed stealth days/weeks ago on such. i have also emailed simon in regards to it , i even had some one else email in case they where not talking to me. I have been in contact with cyra who also suggested i reopen phreik and run it on their servers i would just have to pay server cost (i did agree too) and have been waiting to hear back about any of it since. I would LOVE and appreciate phreiks webchat it would be amazing but if no one wants to communicate with me what am i ment to do? lol If any one is in contact with stealth drop him a line for me please. But until he reply's to an email or wants a conversation on such, i have to find other means. I was even willing to pay for a copy if needs be. Although phreik ran it with PhpFox, i no longer use phpfox.
  13. Groovyaxis2

    Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    any one willing to build me an Ajax + Flash Ircd webchat? lol. I know err0r said there was a whisper of something being built but im unsure how far away a beta is yet.
  14. Groovyaxis2

    Internet Explorer 11 & Firefox

    JOnson. dont panic, we are all guilty of that at some stage lol
  15. Groovyaxis2

    Update To Site

    Site is coming along great, Just some more updates, unicoded nicks welcome. Soon the platform will be fully in place and i can work on new features.