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  1. Jess

    Windows 8

    ROTFL You two are crazy LOL
  2. Jess

    Linux System Script

    Nice idea how ever, you wrote it for Fedora and maybe you should release it as such. looks great. and works great. one the only drawbacks to linux distros most are not alike in terms like windows or mac OS's were every thing is set layout to pool data from. Never the less awesome job and keep it up
  3. Jess

    Patrick Moore Has Died

    Sad, but he did live a full life and at age 89, is long and from the looks of it a blessed life
  4. Totally messed up.. no wonder I don't buy a HP
  5. Jess


    You should be able to set a custom vhost in the config file, and not need to edit the dll's. With out the source code you really can not edit those, sure there some who can, but you are looking at lots of bugs trying to do so.
  6. Jess

    History Of Buzzen Podcast

    Was awesome to hear about, thank you to all that put time and effort in making it happen.
  7. Jess

    Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

    after mass tweaking and changing things to what I like, its not so bad.. tho I should not need to hack the os to get it to a useable state, being that said if it keeps stable with the tweaks I put in place then I may grow to like it some what... the fact its still exploitable to all the old hacks bugs me, you would think Microsoft would fix these by now... the boxy feel still bugs me a lot the right menu really makes it a pain to close programs in full screen adding the start orb back makes the start menu a lil less annoying tho I would like to see a classic menu option the new task manger is nice I will say that has to be the best they have done far... For those that are not in to the whole windows 7 phone os style then this os is not worth your time as the gui is pretty much based off it I will post more as I play with it more..
  8. Jess

    Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

    I agree, think I would only use it if I had to on a tablet or smart phone, but heck if I gonna use one of them I rather use Android, in the end this will be like all the other failed OS's windows releases. 98, xp, and 7 being the only work they have done that I like.
  9. Jess

    Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

    the new start, and right menu is stupid, as if that makes things more user friendly. as well they have made things all boxy. I hate every thing about it.. at least with vista it looked ok this just blows
  10. Jess

    Ircx Roomlist

    I see nothing to trigger a sockopen to read the data the php socket is to return for mirc to use. Were the php is being hosted on? ... ie(webserver, or localhost) why you would be doing this way insted of using listx or list (Only network I seen not use one of the two or both commands was Buzzen) I am not sure what you are doing fully the code you posted looks broken and missing key things to even start to make it work. I am not picking at you in any way, just need more info and hopefully be able to help you get your code working the way you want it to work
  11. Jess


    1 I am not staff. nor do I really visit the server more then testing multi server options from time to time in my script. Your having a problem over being asked about a ban. a stander I find most all servers will do. If I get banned I ask staff to look in to it. as it may or may not be a mistake. You should not go about posting bad about a server just for asking why you banned some one. I do not think you should post any thing further about this matter you left there server there is no need for you to have the drama here when you made the problem were it was not needed, its not like they removed your ban nor told you to remove it they simply asked what was going on. I see that how a Sysop should be. in this matter. what ever server you moved to hope your happy there. let the drama end.
  12. Jess


    Errrm still feel you over reacted, its not a abuse of power to ask why you did something, its not like they removed the ban, nor did they tell you to remove it, they were asking why. I would do the same if a user joined complaining they were banned, I would join and ask the room owner what was going on so I could resolve the matter in help desk with the user complaining. you in you non your biz reply left it that they didn't know what was going on so no notes to pass on to the other staff so you ended up getting bugged about it more when the user complained again. simply telling the staff members what was going on could of saved a lot of headachs, for you and the staff.
  13. Jess

    Dcx Web Control Webchat

    With some help from Bench, I got it working, now to theme it all out and put it t work alias d.write { var %w web. $+ $1 var %time $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style="font-family:Calibri; color:grey;">,$timestamp ,</span>) var %oplvl $str($chr(160),2) $img.path($ulvl($1,$2)) var %nick $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style="font-family:Calibri; color:#073983;"> ,$2,:</span>) if ($regex($3-, /^.*##\*#(.*)#(.*)~(.)~(.)#\*##(.*)/)) { var %f $regml(1) var %c $regml(2) var %b $iif($regml(3),<b>) var %i $iif($regml(4),<i>) var %m $regml(5) } var %msg $+(<span style="font-family: $iif(%f,%f,Calibri) ; color: $iif(%c,%c,Black) ;">,%b,%i,$emote($iif(%m,%m,$3-)),$iif(%b,</span></i></b><i>),$iif(%i,</i>),) xdid -j %w 3 var prefix = document.createElement('span'); xdid -j %w 3 var message = document.createElement('span'); xdid -j %w 3 prefix.innerHTML = " %time %oplvl %nick "; xdid -j %w 3 message.innerHTML = " %msg <br> "; xdid -j %w 3 document.body.appendChild(prefix); xdid -j %w 3 document.body.appendChild(message); xdid -j %w 3 window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); }
  14. Jess

    Dcx Web Control Webchat

    So pretty much I been toying with the web control I am just stuck with the java script on how to add new lines with new text Tried a few ideas, but I am sure there is a better way then storing all the text to a .txt and loading it all on new txt each time. least I hope so any help would be great this is the alias I am using atm to write the text (working on it on chatcore) alias d.write { var %w web. $+ $1 var %time $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style='font-family:Calibri; color:grey;'>,$timestamp ,</span>) var %oplvl $str($chr(160),2) $img.path($ulvl($1,$2)) var %nick $+($str($chr(160),2),<span style='font-family:Calibri; color:#073983;'> ,$2,:</span>) if ($regex($3-, /^.*##\*#(.*)#(.*)~(.)~(.)#\*##(.*)/)) { var %f $regml(1) var %c $regml(2) var %b $iif($regml(3),<b>) var %i $iif($regml(4),<i>) var %m $regml(5) } var %msg $+(<span style='font-family: $iif(%f,%f,Calibri) ; color: $iif(%c,%c,Black) ;'>,%b,%i,$emote($iif(%m,%m,$3-)),$iif(%b,</b>),$iif(%i,</i>),</span>) write $+($chan,.txt) %time %oplvl %nick %msg var %z 1, %d $lines($chan $+ .txt) xdid -j %w 3 document.open(); while (%z <= %d) { xdid -j %w 3 document.write(" $read($chan $+ .txt,%z) <br>"); inc %z } xdid -j %w 3 document.close(); }
  15. Jess


    Tho it was a bit much I do not think its crossing the line if they ask you why, If the user joins hd and ask I think its fair if they ask the owner why so they can tell the person why. I been ban by mistake and had staff ask why my self so tho 3 staff members is a bit much so long as it was just asking I see nothing wrong in it.
  16. (8)Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna know the truth?C'est la vie... adiĆ³s... good riddance... flower you! (8)

  17. (8)Just promise me you'll think of meEvery time you look up in the sky and see a star 'cuz I'm aI'm a space bound rocket ship and your heart's the moonAnd I'm aimin' right at you, right at you250,000 miles on a clear night in JuneAnd I'm so lost without you, without you, without you(8)

  18. Jess


    I agree with err0r, most part every things been done, why copy some old script that works, few people have the creativity to build something new. or that they wish to share. some are just greedy .... err0r and his cool looking script
  19. It not over, it was always you.

  20. So sad... Please put this on your status if you know or are related to someone who suffers from stupidity. People need to understand that stupidity is real and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a stupid person right now. There is still no known cure for stupidity and sympathy does not help. Sometimes a whack to the back of the head helps, but not a lot. But we can raise awareness! 53 percent won't re-post this because they don't know how to.

  21. flowering Bull shit.... Net down all day... missed a important call.... Hope she can call back... :(

  22. Let's see who truly reads my status.... you and I wake up in a police car together. Using four words only what would you say to me? If you comment you must copy and paste this to your status so I can comment on yours as well. Be a good egg and play along.

  23. I like Money who wants to give me some?

  24. Jess

    Dcx Help

    the dev builds of dcx dock fine with treebar as long as you dont have other things docked to were you want to dock it