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  1. Snoopz

    Old Msn Staff/bots

    i am the most elite of all time (case closed - enough said)
  2. Snoopz

    Watch Out For Me

    aimz be for real you are a fake and always will be since you came on the scene, be yourself honey and quit trying to be someone your not, who you think you are lindsay lohan!!! - that is a completly diffrent person from what i've seen of you so quit leading people on, and live life as it is not what you wanna think you are..
  3. Snoopz

    Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

    yea it looks a little funny in my view also.
  4. Snoopz

    Windows 8 Beta (Developers Preview)

    well that sux (lol) you would think they would have put an uninstaller with the thing so you can remove it.
  5. If you install this on a pc with windows 7 (does it come with a uninstaller to remove it) also will i be able to go back to my previous windows 7 system.
  6. Snoopz

    Buzzen Connection Issue

    they need to fix this issue
  7. I have a sattelite connection through Hugesnet, any info would be greatly appreciated, am using IE9
  8. Snoopz


    lol chain, had to do something to get it fired up a bit here, anyway TG has been a good site, gotta give them credit at least they are still around along with DJ'S site, sorry for any inconvenience. Didnt mean to be an very nice person or anything, all is good as i think err0r gets a kick outta my post anyways.
  9. Snoopz


    i'll send err0r some passport flooders for buzzen & these other chat networks that might help get this site up & moving.
  10. Snoopz


    i posted a topic about TG007 being dead and it's time to close up shop, even johnson see's whats going on. TG007 should close. err0r & ozzy always blames it on summertime and other stupid reasons they can come up with to make excuses for this sites poor performance, no one even post or responds to anything here anymore, the administrators need to close this boring site down for good.
  11. Snoopz

    Casey Anthony Not Gulity

    Knew from the start she was not guilty - Her father George and that meter reader Roy Kronk kmows what happened to that little girl Caylee, i bet ya money on that.
  12. Snoopz

    Scientist Clone 1St Human

    Well here's ya 1st human clone that scientist made, hope they dont make anymore of these.
  13. Snoopz

    2012 - The Mayans - Is It Time ?

    this japan thing has really got me thinking now along with this steven hawking saying we gonna be attacked by robotic humanoids in the near future. Beginning to think these mayans might be right wait till this supermoon thing hits along with the new solar cycle. Earth is doomed shortly.
  14. Snoopz

    Old Msn Staff/bots

    i was the greatest scripter of all time back in the old days, not bragging or anything but i was able to take many rooms from people running scripts like Kenobi, Hybrid Omega, Zyrus, Scriptinator, etc. with Viperbot so that should tell you something
  15. Snoopz

    Old Msn Staff/bots

    MSN lied about why the reason they closed the chat down, it wasn't because of internet pedophiles and all that junk, it was the bot's & script's & room taken and all that crap that got it closed, all the so called script kiddies running around with bots & such flooding rooms and all that crap is what got it closed. They didnt have anything to do here in america so they stayed up all night messing peoples rooms up.