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  1. Pablo


    Well being as this is a mod, I would add replace sockopen with an 'echo' in that loop just to see what it is saying. Or just add one. Not interested in joining B anymore.
  2. Pablo

    Treeview / Xdid().text

    First of all it would be nice to have all the code. Second, why do you have spaces between $ and xdid and . and text? Not good. Third, you will have an additional identifier inside of the (). As stated in the help file, you will need tree and branch. The parameter you are using as 1 2 and 3 should be the control item number. So if you created the TREEVIEW with XDIALOG (I think) then the first # would be the number you used. Syntax: $xdid(dialog, ID, PATH).text Example: $xdid(dcx, 4, 1 2).text $xdid(treeview, 1, 1).text $xdid(treeview, 1, 2).text $xdid(treeview, 1, 3).text ^^ Is more of the format.. And Finally, $xdid().text only RETURNS a value. to SET a value (as you are doing in =), you need to do a xdid command. Read up on the docs and download a script like 'Dreams' for Buzzen to get an example.
  3. Pablo


    I think you need to hire a scripter or find a forum willing to help you to be quite honest. Your multiple requests are going unanswered. From what I see you are pretty much asking someone to write scripts for you. No one really seems interested.
  4. Pablo

    Unrealircd Help

    Agreed. That is disabled due to security. It would take some extreme modding which would also pose security and database issues.
  5. Pablo

    Connection Dll

    I know nothing of making viper work. I can shed some light on the split and replace. Based upon this thread, I understand a little. :TK2CHATWBA10 613 NickName : 6667 .. is an example of what that routine would receive. ServerIP is split into an array at each space. So, ServerIP(0) would be :TK2CHATWBA10, (1) would be 613, (2) Nickname, (3) :, (4) 6667 ServerIP then replaces all ":"s with nothing "". Now, (3) is .. without the : All I will say is this code is based upon ancient code that will barely run on newer machines (If at all). My best recommendation is to dump the OCX and Viper, become friends with someone familiar with this antiquated setup, or spend hours and hours on an old language, code, and setup which time is better spent in learning .NET.
  6. Pablo

    Multiconn Project

    I would suggest having the mention/tip alert tell you what server it is coming from too, being that it is multi. Looks good.
  7. Pablo

    Multiconn Project

    Nice, very well thought out. I have a lot of dev and theme fonts on my system as well which really slows things down. So I decided to store the list, which sucks if you add more fonts, but makes it faster. I almost wish I went with the preset list now. Any expectation of release? It looks like it is coming together.
  8. Pablo

    Multiconn Project

    Looks like a preset font list out of curiosity? And I would like to see the color dialog too
  9. Pablo

    Multiconn Project

    As far as a multi-server script.. I do not see anything beating it. And I am saying this without even using it. But based upon screenies and its dev team.. I doubt anything will come close. Even if people only use it for one server.
  10. Pablo

    Issue With Xstatusbar Icons

    Well noted, I did not realize or read the code that well. In that case I would rearrange the icons added to see if it changes.. perhaps making buzz at the end. Then what chain says makes perfect sense.
  11. Pablo

    Issue With Xstatusbar Icons

    Post the init code noting how you add them.
  12. Pablo

    I'm a Daddy!!

    congrats, that's a big boy!
  13. Pablo

    Are Chat Networks Worth It?

    So Trav, that means when you were 15 your girlfriend was 8? Or 17 and 5 in the case of BIG_GUY? Lol, just kidding, mine is younger as well.
  14. Pablo


    Ravi. Rather than just troll over an old post, please do explain your reasons or knowledge behind your post.
  15. Pablo

    Access List / Dialog

    Top two reasons I can think of: Networks use different return raws (801 ..) for access information. Most access dialogs trigger or depend heavily on the specific raw number Networks also use different formatting and requirements of ACCESS command parameters. For example, the ACCESS ADD [address] [duration] [reason] might be formatted differently based upon network. Also, some networks allow short user addresses (paul!*), while others require full addresses (paul!*@*$*). Unfortunately not every network follows RFC standards.