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  1. Koach

    Msn Chat Admin Client

    Happy to do it
  2. Koach

    Msn Chat Admin Client

    I uploaded cac.zip which has two files, one for win 9x and one for win NT. I was not sure where to put it so it's in IRC software, I think lol
  3. Koach

    Msn Chat Admin Client

    yw , lol, i probably have copies of both comic chat and cac client on one of my drives if you want them.
  4. Koach

    Msn Chat Admin Client

    TBH, I can't believe the fascination with the Chat Admin Client. I am sure you all remember MSN Comic Chat. Well, take out the comic part, and you are left with the CAC. It was one of the worst chat clients ever designed for the people that had to manage the MSN chat service. That is the reason that Admins, Sysops, and Guides (at least in the US market), used their own tools instead. Remember that all comic chat offered you were Rule Sets, one of the worst scripting languages (if you can even call it that) ever designed. Sure, it was fine for Comic Chat users, but no serious chatter would ever use it. There were some other changes that had to be made to the CAC to make it work properly on MSN chat, but nothing that would be useful today. For example, MSN used a unique server structure. The first thing to remember is that all servers were not linked as they are in the way a normal IRCd is linked. Each room was on one chat server only. So, to join a room, you first had to connect to a Directory Server (DS). Then you'd look up the room name to see which Chat Server (CS) it was on. The DS is what scripters called the FINDS server because that was the command used to look up the room on the DS. Once you had the name/address of the CS, you'd connect to it and join the room. So, seriously, if you want to see what the CAC was like, find a copy of Comic Chat and use it in Text Mode (no comics) and you will experience EXACTLY what we did when the MSN Web Chat service first opened. After a few months, we all moved away from it. Koach
  5. Koach

    Super Trivia 5

    I'll give it a try. I know our trivia players will love a change. Thanks, Koach
  6. Koach

    Super Trivia 5

    Hey Pk_ everyone that tried it like your adaptation of trivia. lol, one person wanted to know if their friend could try it too. Nice work, Koach
  7. Koach

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Wow am I ever late on this one. Happy belated Birthday ,err0r!
  8. Koach

    Two Servers Are Down

    What a pain in the butt this has been. We had a total failure of the server and we are carefully restoring things, but we are almost back to full strength. Thanks everyone for being patient with us. Koach
  9. Koach

    Two Servers Are Down

    Thanks err0r, i hope so too lol
  10. Koach

    Two Servers Are Down

    Hi all, We had a hardware failure and it's taking longer then expected to fix. If you are trying to connect to koach.com you may use chat1.koach.com If you want a webchat to connect to koach.com, try this url: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.koach.com&channel=%23koachsworkshop Thanks to tg007 for providing us with a place to post important info. Koach
  11. Koach

    Windows 8

    Chain, Did you order a laptop with a touch screen? Koach
  12. Koach

    Happy Birthday Err0R

    Happy Birthday err0R. Hope it's a good one
  13. Koach

    1000 Posts!!!! Wooo Go Me Lol

    nice, 1000 posts is quite impressive.
  14. Koach

    Koach.com Main Server Down

    I want to apologize to everyone for allowing Koach.com to be down so long. We have serious enough problems that we are forced to reinstall centos, along with all programs we used, not only including email, ircds, services, bots, and so on. The good news is that I do have backups of all data files so we won't lose nick and channel registrations, forum posts, etc. The bad news is that, as some of you know, I had surgery yesterday, to repair a broken clavicle, making it very hard to type. Anyway, I am working on the issues, and koach.com will be back soon Koach
  15. Unfortunately, our main server appears to need a new hard drive. However it is still being tested so maybe we get by with an easier fix. For the time being we are limited to using chat1.koach.com, without services In the mean time, please use: /server chat1.koach.com If it looks like it will take a few days to get the server running, I'll set up a webchat that connects to chat1. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks TechGear007 for providing a place where I can get the word out Koach