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Firefox's big-bang update brings you speed and a new look

Mozilla on Tuesday released Firefox Quantum, and even if you long ago switched to Google Chrome, it's worth giving the browser upgrade a spin. Why? First and foremost, version 57 of the open-source browser is faster, clocking in at twice the speed of Firefox 52 from March, according to the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark. Mozilla knows Chrome won many of us over with performance, but after months...
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Firefox 57 is so fast we're calling it Firefox Quantum

Mozilla has released the Firefox 57 beta, a completely overhauled browser that will be called Firefox Quantum when it launches in stable form next month. "Since the version number 57 can't really convey the magnitude of the changes we've made, and how much faster this new Firefox is, we're calling this upcoming release Firefox Quantum," Mozilla explained in a post announcing the Firefox 57...
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Mozilla's Firefox to turn off Adobe Flash by default in 2017

 In 2017, Firefox will require "click-to-activate approval" from you before you can trigger Flash-enabled videos and other Flash content on a website, Mozilla engineering manager Benjamin Smedberg said Wednesday in a blog post. This means the Flash content will remain dormant unless you actively click on a link or icon that says: "Activate Adobe Flash." You can currently do the same thing...
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Mozilla's Firefox finally enters the 64-bit era on Windows

Mozilla has finally, finally introduced a 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows with the recent release of Firefox 43. There were already 64-bit versions for Mac and Linux. Windows users, however, were left with 32-bit Firefox like a bunch of suckers. No more! Users running Windows 7 and up can download and install Firefox 64-bit. It’s not clear if Mozilla’s Firefox site is set-up to...
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Firefox Gets Built-In Instant Messaging

Step aside, Skype and Google Hangouts. Now you can instant message with your friends right from Firefox. The latest version of the browser, Firefox 41, made its debut this week with a new built-in instant messaging feature, letting you send and receive IMs when you're in a Hello video call. At this point, the feature is only available on the desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The...
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