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Amazon Prime Subscription Increases to $12.99 a Month

Amazon Prime is getting more expensive for monthly subscribers. Amazon today raised the price of Prime from $10.99 a month to $12.99. The price of a yearly subscription is still $99, so no change there. Meanwhile, Prime Student now costs $6.49 a month, up from $5.49. The price of an annual Prime Student subscription is remaining the same at $49. Prime offers free, two-day shipping on...
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To Keep Your Old Kindle Alive, Update Its Software By Tomorrow

If you bought your Amazon Kindle some time between 2007 to 2012, make sure to update its software by Tuesday or risk losing access to your e-books, according to Amazon. Owners of these old Kindles and/or Kindles which has not been connected to the Internet since October 5, 2015 needs to update the software for the popular e-book reader. The new software update will allow old Kindles to...
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Report: Amazon Resets Some User Passwords

If you received a password-reset notification from Amazon, you are not alone. According to ZDNet, the e-retail giant force-reset an unknown number of user accounts and emailed affected users to alert them of the change. An England-based Amazon user posted the email notice she received from the company on Twitter. "We recently discovered that your... password may have been improperly stored...
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Amazon Cracks Down on More Than 1,000 Alleged Fake Reviewers

Amazon is cracking down on more than 1,000 anonymous defendants who allegedly accepted payment in exchange for giving positive but what Amazon is calling “false, misleading, and inauthentic” reviews of products on the site, according to a lawsuit filed by the online retail giant. The lawsuit includes online advertisements that offer the services of writers who say they will leave a coveted...
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Funny Remake Of Amazon Echo Commericial