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We welcome you to join and participate in the TG007.net Community, however as with all social circles there are a few rules you must abide by in order to maintain your active membership within these message boards.
These rules apply to the forums and comment systems.

Our goal is to provide a safe and productive community experience for all of our members, and following these guidelines is the best way to ensure our community is suitable for all ages. If we find that you have broken any of these guidelines, your account may be disabled and your ability to view and participate in the community maybe limited or removed. These rules are basic in nature and you should read them all carefully.

  1. No Pornographic or Adult Natured Material Allowed
    Any posts with links of such content are not welcome.
  2. No Links to Warez or Cracks
    Please do not request or post info about these subjects
  3. Swear Words
    Please keep foul language to a minimum.
  4. No Racism or Personal Attacks
    Avoid personal attacks on individuals and groups.
  5. Stay on Topic
    Try to stay on topic. If you wish to change the topic open a new one.
  6. Unwarranted Posts
    Many members wish to boost post counts but please only post with the idea of contributing to the topic. Examples of unwarranted posts.
    • Posting of "old news"
    • Posting in old topics without adding new information
    • Posting "item" sux
  7. Avatars and Signatures
    Please do not use inappropriate images or excessive image sizes
  8. Spamming
    We encourage our members to show of their sites or sites they enjoy, but please do not join just to spam links.
  9. Moderators and Admin
    Please show the staff respect in their decisions. If you feel anything done by staff is inappropriate, please contact err0r. The staff are human and are subject to mistakes but they work hard to provide a safe community.
  10. Multiple Accounts
    While we do not restrict users having multiple accounts we ask our users to refrain from having more than one.
  11. Rule Changes
    We reserve the right to add,delete, or change any rule we feel needed at anytime.

Note: Any violation of these rules can result in disciplinary action including warnings up to and including bans.