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The Dj Has Not Left The Building Lol!!!

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I am not gone or dead, I am back online lol!!! I had been on vacation for a week the end of April until May but only to come back and have my laptop hard drive take a dump! <bcry>


Was a pain in the arse reprogramming the dam laptop when every test I did on the old hard drive said, oh.. its perfectly fine!! Bought a brand new one and no more issues!!


Great to see we have a new Global Mod "TacticalThunder".., this guy looks familiar, where have I met him before!?! :noidea::lmaojump:

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Vacation sounded fun :yes: , Hard Drive sucked, TGIF (thank god for Frys electronics) <chit> , and if you can't remember where the last place you saw me was... Well, might want to go look on Evolution Scripts Staff Listings. :bash:and Thank you err0r for the vote of confidence.

Edited by TacticalThunder

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Who's this wacko LOL :lolwave:


err0r is the only wacko here lmao


awww i feel out of touch with me not using the chat networks much lol


Although excluding err0r i have the most posts :P

Edited by Haggis

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