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  1. Sparkpea website is now back online

    I was trying to say that, they are nice people there.
  2. Sparkpea website is now back online

    They are, nice of them to put it online, it´s like getting bored and another chat network getting bored lol, joke.
  3. How Many .mrc Files Can Be Loaded

    190 is the max
  4. Notepad++

    It´s a great software
  5. Buzzen Topic

    Yes, they have, if you downloaded the updates for it
  6. Buzzen Topic

    Here´s one for you Here´s one for you Anything else
  7. Microsoft Releases Security Update for IE9

    That was exspected, they new it.
  8. Irc.irchainscriptz.net

    Very nice
  9. mIRC v7.21 Beta Release

    Click here don´t work oh oh it works on number 16 fixed
  10. Maztal Communications (New Server)

    Why MSN icons? Can´t you make your own icons?
  11. That´s getting more like windows 7 Sharing. So much copyrights going on.
  12. Maztal Communications (New Server)

    I´ll just might have a look
  13. Maztal Communications (New Server)

    oh a video chat that´s the same as www.seniorchatroom.net that I used to run.