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  1. Chainscriptz

    Good choice. Drupal was one of the features that came with my hosting package. I actually will be going with Dolphin for my store though, and PHP Fusion for my forum. I was also told that Drupal forums are PHP based, by the people at Drupal. So set up shouldn't be too bad. Looks good, best of luck.
  2. Notepad++

    I don't really know if this would be of use to anyone here, or maybe you already knew about this handy little gadget. It's called Notepad++ and is a great alternative to the old basic is notepad. It has a ton of nice features I found handy while building the base for my site. I wish I had this when I was still working with mIRC. Here's the link to check it out, and yes it's 100% free: Notepad++ . As I mentioned, not sure if it would be use to anyone here, but for webmasters/designers it's a nifty little helper.
  3. "The Dom" has been edited by a few. I really don't remember where I read the thread, but I remember seeing images posted with Dom XT in other chat services besides MSN. I think it may have been here. I just can't remember, and I don't have the patience to look through all the old threads to check. Sorry. I actually started with Viper Bot, when it got screwy I started using the Dom. Then, as Johnson mentioned, I discovered mIRC. I never looked back. On a side note, there was a rumor that JJ was going to re-write Viper based on mIRC, that was 5 years ago, and we have seen nothing. Anyway, here's mho ( my humble opinion ), DL a copy of mIRC, DL the Moschino Connection ( sorry, I am just not a fan of SoulFly), and the dl and add the addons you want, or write your own. There are many people here that will help if you need it. PN ( Personal Note): I am still waiting for David to give a new version of Guard Dog! Hands down the best chat script ever written! Hybrid who? Soulfly what? No disrespect to the coders, I just have my preferences. The Doms dead! Unless you can re-write the base code. Which if I remember right was browser based, it's just nostalgia.
  4. Sparkpea

    I don't chat much these days, I have other things to get done. But I have been to SparkAPee, and really wasn't impressed. Whatever they do they really need to come up with something original. I miss VsIXC.
  5. Sparkpea

    I would have to guess this question is a gest. Really? If you don't know what mIRC is, read around this forum. You will get a clue fast.
  6. Wondering Why This Won't Work Anymore.

    I'm using the Biohazard script for room prots, it uses a base connection. As I am sure you know error. I am trying too add a few of my own prots to this script ( no I a not trying to ripp ). I will try and place the code you posted into my smapkick code. See if it works. Ty for the hewlp error.
  7. Wondering Why This Won't Work Anymore.

    Ok. I only know how to strip the old VSIXc font. I do not know how to do that in Buzzen. Sorry to be acting like a noob.
  8. I used this for years in MSN and Buzzen. It worked just fine. Now, it won't work at all. #spamkick On alias kicknick { if (-* !iswm $1) || ($len($1) > 3) halt if (b isin $1) access $2 add deny $address($3,2) $4 : $+ $5- if (k isin $1) kick $2 $3 $iif(b isin $1,$5-,$4-) } On *:TEXT:*:#: { .if ($1- == www) kicknick -b $chan $nick Are you stupid! $nick .if ($1- == http) kicknick -b $chan $nick Are you stupid! $nick } Can any one please lend a hand on this? It's for the new buzzen chat. I want to kick spammers who post links in the room.