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  1. Ajax + Flash Ircx Webchat

    Phreik's Webchat was Flash + Ircd, Highly doubt it, but maybe you could ask Stealth?
  2. Has Chat Really Died

    It's "no treble"
  3. Has Chat Really Died

    I actually recall on numerous occasions, when i used to visit Sparkpea, the server bot would request users click on the ads to help generate funds for the site. ... That alone, if it was reported would be reason enough for Google to decline ads on the site. It's strictly forbidden in their rules ... but this is just guessing?
  4. Phoenix Chat

    Haven't received activation email.
  5. Phoenix Chat

    Login with Facebook seems to be broken, well for me anyway.
  6. Rizzit Chat

    Not Found
  7. The Debate??

    I don't know what sera's problem is because I don't think I've ever had a disagreement or even a cross word with her. But i can admit that yes your are right it's more of a merger i suppose. But the last bit ... I don't have a network or work for one, so i can't focus on it sorry.
  8. The Debate??

    I suppose in a way Chatcore made a good decision, but you have to be clear about it ... it's not a merger its an acquisition really isn't it?! I just personally would have preferred to see a new kid on the block with the potential to rival buzzen. But fair play to buzzen aswell, they have seized upon an opportunity to stay ahead of the rest of the post-msn chats. I just hope this isn't the start of "monopoly" how boring would that be?!
  9. The Debate??

    Oh dear, what have i started?
  10. The Debate??

    Oh hell, surely not Buzzen? Would be much better to merge with a smaller chat and try and start competing with them.
  11. Sparkpea

    Surely if you want to find some information out about a site you seem like then it's not the end of the world joining facebook to get that information. Jus sayin.
  12. Can Anyone Rember

  13. Ccn Chat Closing

    Sorry, but it about time some of the stragglers fell by the way side. There are too many wanabe chat admins that don't have a clue at all. A html template and an ocx room page is not enough to make a successful site! I'm sure the 12 or so active users will manage to find a new home. Thanks you for knowing when to call it a day. All the best to ccn admins and their future endeavours.