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  1. Newbie Script Request

    Wow i have not done scripting for a very long time so on join message on *:JOIN:#: /msg $nick Hello, Welcome to our channel Remote Kick on *:text:!kick:#:{ kick # $1} If i remember correctly the op, deop, ban etc will depend if your are on ircd or ircx One of the guys that still does this sort of stuff will be ale to help
  2. Dx[Theme]

    looks good man i miss mIRC
  3. New Irc Client Development

    whats it written in?
  4. Spambot Kick

    When we were on MSN i had a massive list of the spam bots on my script so when they joined it kicked them It also monitored the rooms i was in so that if someone else kicked one for spam that i did not have it added that user to the list lol
  5. Bot / Client

  6. Bot / Client

    u could use eggdrop i also think you can use IRC Services to do this but i might be wrong or a little php web bot
  7. Minecraft

    Do any of you on here play minecraft
  8. Sony Playstation 4 Vs. Microsoft's Xbox One

    I cant see me buying either I dont play my 360 enough to warrant paying £400-£500 on a gaming console
  9. Multiconn Project

    looks good guys
  10. Next Person In Line

    You need to compile a list I cant give you the code as i have not scripted for a long time but in english it would be like this Test joins the room >add test to file Test2 Joins the room >add test2 to file Test2 Leaves >Remove test 2 from file as you start talking to someone remove there name from the list so the next person will always be top of that list
  11. Multiconn Project

    looks good guys sure it will be a great help for the users when u gonna make one for xchat
  12. Issue With Xstatusbar Icons

    Not to worry we all do stuff like that at some point Glad its all fixed though
  13. The Dj Has Not Left The Building Lol!!!

    err0r is the only wacko here lmao awww i feel out of touch with me not using the chat networks much lol Although excluding err0r i have the most posts
  14. Buzzen How To Auth

    Awesome never knew there was one thanks err0r