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  1. I'm scripting again and I'm starting to make a TWITCH chat bot , i stream on twitch and the chat sucks and i found out they use irc , well i got mirc out and got connected and had a play and it all started coming back to me lol If anyone is intersted in this give me a shout as i am into gaming and streaming now , not just chat.
  2. Ctcpreply

    I am still here too. I can't believe he of all people would say something like that after all the help he has had on here over the years.
  3. Old Msn Bot Collectors

    if you need any of mine err0r , let me know mate and i will send you them. if you want any of the other stuff i didnt release , let me know too.
  4. Radio Code

    is that johnson still pestering you err0r i am going to have to pay him a visit lol
  5. Ircwx Updates

    mm think it might be time for me to try my hand at a script again lol If i have the time , i am sure i could come up with something in a few days.
  6. Can Anyone Rember

    Just dug out and old script and the order was as follows the top 6 rooms were ' - [] [] ' [] - [][]
  7. Can Anyone Rember

    the top 3 rooms were [] - ' In that order, if i remember then it was [][] [] - [] ' etc
  8. I am not in leeds, thats west yorkshire lol
  9. wow, those guys are from my area of the uk lol
  10. Just Stopping By

    wow thats a blast from the past hows it going irish?
  11. Buzzen's New Webchat Look

    I'm allowed to atleast once a year or is that once a century
  12. Buzzen's New Webchat Look

    well you all know me, if i don't like something i WILL tell you However i like the new buzzen chat and better still it works with opera and i dont mean you have to use operas built in irc client(which is allways an option), i mean you can just click the links and go straight into chat like any other browser so thumbs up from me and well done
  13. Rumor : Tg007 To Close

    you told me april first 2012 err0r make your mind up lol and yes i am dead the rumours are true I am posting from the grave , YET again
  14. Happy Birthday err0r

    happy birthday you old git lol yes i am still around , had a few health issues but i still come on here and delete all the spammers accounts lol
  15. Live Messenger

    you need to go to the options and click file transfer then look for the box "Automatically reject file transfers for known unsafe file types" and UNTICK it then try the file transfer again